Ivana Spadafora     President, CEO.

Prior to launching Inspired Staffing Inc., I spent over fifteen years and half of my professional career in the recruitment field. It was during this time that I delved into a variety of aspects of the recruitment function. 

While most organizations had the tools, the people and the company brands in place to fulfill most of their recruitment needs, when it came time to finding rare technical skill sets, staffing for special projects under tight time constraints or finding great leaders - those were the areas where many organizations still came up short.

That is when the opportunity presented itself. 

In that moment, I knew that I would  spend the second half of my professional recruitment career, helping companies hire in the critical areas where they needed it most.


  With that, Inspired Staffing was born.   

Our goal?   


Make the process of hiring specialized talent our competitive advantage so that it becomes that of our clients.  We continuously ask ourselves:  "Are we helping our clients gain that competitive edge when it comes to talent?"

Our 95%  full time retention rate proves we do. 

Now as Inspired Staffing continues to grow and more and more company's work with us, there is no greater success story that we can share than that of our clients and candidates telling us we have made a difference!

That to me is recruitment at it's best and what keeps me...'inspired'!

Ivana Spadafora, President & CEO


The Inspired Staffing Story