With 77.5 million Baby Boomers retiring in droves from management level positions, our workplace has seen an unprecedented leadership transition. As a result, the need for top talent in the areas of leadership and  management have become fierce.

Inspired Staffing Inc. is specialized in filling the leadership gap caused by 77.5 million retired Baby Boomers in our workforce.

These are some of the roles we deliver to.


The  "Baby Boom" generation (born 1946- 1964), which previously held upper management roles is the largest generation in recent history to have ever retired from our workforce!

These 77.5 million Baby Boomers, have left a huge gap at the management level.  While "Generation X" (born 1965 - 1980) have stepped in to fill some of these positions,  they remain about half the population size of their Baby Boom predecessors.

Juxtapose 74 million future Millennial's (born between the early 1980's and 2000's) as the next wave of potential leaders, and you can see how difficult it might be for companies to find great leaders on their own.  

The good news is that organizations don't have to go it alone!    

Inspired Staffing Inc. is specialized in helping companies find great leaders to bridge this management gap.






  • Previous people management experience with a combination of on and off-shore expertise plus the ability to manage a range of team sizes (small-large),
  • Specialized knowledge within a departmental area such as Information Technology, Finance, Human Resources, Sales & Marketing, Procurement, Legal etc.,
  • A formal degree with an MBA, BA or other specific accreditation specific to your job function,
  • Exceptional knowledge of managing budgets and financial results,
  • Exceptional presentation, communication and executive skills,
  • A strong understanding of cultural, societal and environmental effects on managing, motivating and retaining a diverse workforce
  • An "inspiring" and contagious attitude!


"I've worked with Inspired Staffing on multiple occasions in the past, both as an employer and as a candidate and my experience has always been exemplary. Inspired Staffing takes the time to understand what you are really looking for and suggested unique opportunities. As an employer, I found the candidates presented by Inspired Staffing were impressive.  I always look forward to partnering with Inspired Staffing for any of my recruitment needs!"

-Ruta Wad, Team Lead