Finance professionals assist organizations in the areas of budgeting, finance, financial reporting and compliance.  As corporations become more and more global, the demand for finance professionals remains high. 

Inspired Staffing Inc. has fulfilled many roles for Financial and Corporate Accounting openings. Here are some roles we deliver to!


A variety of studies, reports and economists suggest that companies will continue to require highly skilled Corporate Accountants or Finance Specialists. 

As more and more organizations adopt Mobile and On-Line Payments along with the adoption of Business Intelligence and Analytics to help drive profits; Financial Reporting Analysts will be in high demand.  

Organizations will need finance experts to partner with their technical and data warehousing/business intelligence teams in order to create meaningful data and services that go beyond traditional 'number crunching'. 

Inspired Staffing, can help your company find solid Financial Specialists.




  • A formal educational degree and background in Accounting or Finance,
  • A CPA, CGA or CFA designation,
  • Strong knowledge of using or implementing ERP financial/accounting software packages such as Oracle Financials, Great Plains, SAP Financials, JD Edwards etc.,
  • Exceptional skills with Excel (macro level), SQL or other related reporting tools,
  • Any exposure to IFRS, GAAP, US/Canadian/International Accounting knowledge,
  • Ability to translate and interpret financial data into strategic business solutions,
  • An 'inspiring' and contagious attitude!

"With great professionalism and care for their client, Inspired Staffing worked with me as an applicant to understand the requirements of the position and make sure that I was the right candidate. It was great to know that someone who represents you cares for the benefits of both the employer and candidates."

-Alejandro J. Gomez, Audit Manager


The trend of business analytics, changes in regulatory and compliance coupled with  globalization, has kept the demand for skilled Controllers high. 

In addition to the day-to-day aspects of maintaining the financial health of an organization, Controllers take part in ensuring that compliance amendments such as the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and International Financial Reporting Standards are met.

The more complex these environments are, the more the work load and this means businesses need good Controllers who can help them balance revenue, regulatory directives and manage risk. 

Organizations find it increasingly challenging hiring at the Controller level. 

Engaging Inspired Staffing Inc. to help you find this specific talent, can make a difference!




  • All of the skills listed for a Financial Analyst at the senior level plus;
  • The ability to manage and lead teams,
  • Strong experience with financial budgeting,
  • Strong ability to oversee all aspects of a corporate finance department with knowledge in Accounting, Internal Controls, Financial Planning & Reporting, Financial Analysis,
  • Strong compliance experience in IFRS,
  • Exposure to taking part or leading mergers and aquisitions,
  • Exceptional communication skills to interact at senior levels of management,
  • An 'inspiring' and contagious attitude!

"It was a pleasure working with  Inspired Staffing on my recent career change. They were very professional and spent considerable time helping me prepare for each step of a mutli stage interview process. Their specific and targeted advice on the company and the interviewers helped me land my new and exciting career opportunity."

-Ken Kowatsch, Controller